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We often think that running is the domain of the elite few. People who are physically gifted. However there are many ordinary folks out there who are champions and heroes in their own rights. Be they volunteers in a local race or busy parents juggling career and family, or college-going students trying to de-stress, all of them share a common trait. They found running to be a balm, to provide a sense of purpose, a healthy activity in which to balance out the harried lifestyle or a chance to catch up with family and friends.


We will be adding stories to this list. If it strikes a chord with you, perhaps you can share with us the reasons you run. We'd very much like to hear your story too. Email us your experiences.


  1. How It All Began by C. Choi
  2. Come Jog With Me article by The Star featuring the Malaysia Health Minister, Dr Chua Soi Lek
  3. What 10 Months Can Do by D. Kumaran
  4. It's About The Soul by Cheong SH
  5. For The Mind, Body and Soul by Newton Yap
  6. Metamorphosis An interview with Powerbar sponsored triathlete Hairul Azwar Hashim
  7. Breathe Easy by Kenny Tan
  8. My First Experience As A True Beginner Runner by Chong Ting Chow
  9. How I Began Jogging by Peter Kuan
  10. If I Could Turn The Clock Back by Dr. Goh Kong Chuan
  11. Supra Ventricular Tachycardia, Ever heard of such a thing? by Siew Chee Meng
  12. A Survivor's Story by Frank Chong
  13. Running Away ……from a sedentary lifestyle by Loke Shu Sun
  14. Barefoot Running, Naturally by Ngae Koh Hieng
  15. Malakoff Penang 26K Run 2010 by Ooi Wei Min
  16. Once Upon A Time by Chris Tan
  17. My First Night Marathon by Ooi Wei Min
  18. Running Therapy by Joline Tang Imm Lee

More stories and articles in the Articles page.


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