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What 10 Months Can Do by D. Kumaran

Itís been almost 10 months since I took up outdoor running. It all started by my attending a gym and spending lots of time on the treadmill trying to shed some excess pounds. From there a friend encouraged me to participate in the PJ Half 10km race.

While browsing the internet, I was linked to the Pacesetters website, and my initial motivation for joining the club was to get the discounts on the various running gear. However once I started participating in weekly fellowship runs and race events, I started enjoying the sessions and realised what fun people runners are.

To date, Iíve run in over five 10km races and have even completed my first full marathon in the recent KL International Marathon. My initial goal to lose weight has been met, as Iím now down 16kgs since starting the journey. The inspiration I get from my running buddies plus the fact that Iíve not felt this good in years gives me the motivation to continue running.

Before taking up running

After completing the 2006 KL International Full Marathon




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