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Safety On The Run by Jamie Pang

The time during which many distance runners are out there are pretty unearthly. On these early morning weekend runs, we could be sharing the roads with drunk drivers. So for the sake of our love ones, please exercise caution!

Run against traffic
While it does not guarantee your safety, at least you can watch the oncoming traffic.

Run on the pavements and kerbs or parks
This is self explanatory, yet one of the most often committed mistakes.

Wear light colour clothing
White caps and white tops will add visibility.

Wear reflective gear
Rank running gear with reflective strips higher in the shopping list. Many shoes models and clothing have incorporated Scotchlite and 3M strips. Consider also taping additional strips to the vest or wearing an additional safety bib. To see how effective reflective strips are, check out illumiNITE's site

Examples of how reflective gear can make a difference

Leave the earphones at home
Running with music can be invigorating but it also leaves you vulnerable. You can't hear oncoming traffic (especially from behind) or other dangers (such as muggers and stray dogs). We need all our senses to be alert.

Clear the danger zones quickly
If there are certain dangerous stretches and if you can't circumvent/avoid them, run quickly past these areas. Don't linger around longer than it's required.

Leave a note
Leaving a Post-It on the fridge door or somewhere visible will keep family members informed of your running route and what time they can expect you home.

Consider an ID tag
ID tags not only allow you to display your special medical alert info, you can also have your emergency contact numbers listed as well. To get an idea check out the Runner's ID site.

Run in a group
It's not called "Safety in Numbers" for nothing. Running with friends means having more than 1 pair of eyes and ears. In case accidents happen, you'll have help close at hand. Not only is this one of the best workout options, running in a group prevents boredom, motivates. Besides you're less inclined to give the planned workout a miss if you've already made plans with your fellow runners.

Carry your mobile
Technological advancement means having smaller mobile phones. With a clip-on pouch, staying in touch while on the run is easier. Not only will the phone come in handy when you're in trouble, it makes you contactable should there be an emergency at home. Just don't bother with calls from the office when you're out running!

Common sense
If you're not inclined to exercise any of the above, try to at least run in a "manageable" environment like around a park.

Run smart, run safe.

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