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Once Upon A Time by Chris Tan

I have a confession to make - I actually started running out of envy.

After a recent family gathering, I realized that I was fast becoming a couch potato when a cousin started talking about the recent Standard Chartered 2010 Marathon she participated in; how much fun she had, finishing times (and with little or no training) - I told myself “if she can, so can I…”…

And so I set out with a simple objective to start running and see where this journey will take me. In all honesty, I was never a sports person and the last time I recalled doing some ‘serious exercise’ was back in my school days during PE lessons. Then there was also the fear of ‘giving up’ because I had a weak knee from a knee operation almost 20 years ago and the numerous injury stories gave me the perception that running will not be easy and quitting seems to be the most ‘logical answer’ for many beginners…

That was about 3 months ago. In this short period of time, I have completed several fun runs and recently; the Mizuno Wave Run 2010. While this may seem little, this is the most I have ran in my life… and I am enjoying every minute of it!

Enjoying post-run sunshine at the Mizuno Run

I started with Runners Malaysia on 24 July 2010 under the guidance of Mr. Wan. I realized then and now - running should be fun and anyone can run with the right attitude and training. After a few sessions with Runners Malaysia, I was invited by some of the regular runners to join them on the infamous 10km double hill route and since then, friendship and distance have been building over the months.

I have also discovered that:-

  • the wealth of information on running is truly amazing…
  • the bloggers in the running community are very inspiring…
  • runners are very supportive people… thank you (!!!)
  • the runners whom I have had the opportunity to run with makes each running session a very humbling and enjoyable experience…

Yet I find this journey undertaken by many must be completed on my own…. and I would like to thank Mr. Wan, Runners Malaysia, my family (and that cousin!!!) and all the runners who made this journey possible…

Chris Tan
23 October 2010




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