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It's About The Soul by Cheong SH

Given my limited 2-year running experience I may not be in a position to advocate the virtues of running. Nevertheless, I am able to share what 2 years of running had done to me. Yes, running can be boring but it is the simplest form of improving your well-being. When I first started running, the first 2 weeks was like a detoxification therapy. Each night I contained the aching muscles and tired bones. The lethargic body simply collapsed and I slept like a corpse. Later, the intangible 'drug' effect kicked in. I wanted more. There was one morning, unplanned, I woke up, walked out of my house at 3:20 am and ran my fastest 5km. It was a runner's high.

After a period of time, the effect seems to normalize. I don't remember the sores after a run. I can walk for kms and don't feel it is too far to walk. Participating races is key to keeping the motivation alive and an opportunity to run in a group very often with interesting elements.

Running can change your perception of Life. It can change you. It's not about the medals, it's about the soul. Run it to believe it.


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