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Below is a collection of articles for your reading pleasure. We welcome contributors. Articles related to general health, running, training and injury prevention are most welcome and contributors will be credited. We nevertheless reserve the right to select the articles to publish.


  1. The Road Ahead, Come Jog With Me, NB PACM 15Km Run 2006. Read the column
  2. The Evolution of the Pacesetters 15K. Read the column.
  3. Sustaining the Beginnersí Program. Read it here.
  4. UTAR Charity Run 2006. Read about the excursion to Ipoh.
  5. Kidsí Athletics Program. Read the full article here.
  6. PJ Marathon? Is it a case of too many marathons, too few runners? Full article here
  7. Healthy Living, The World Cup and The Haze. Read it here.
  8. Of Clubs, State AAAs And Sukma Games. Full article here.
  9. Looking Forward And Safety On The Run. Read it here.
  10. ING-Kelab RoadRunners Ipoh 12km Cross-Country Road Race. Full report
  11. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Full report
  12. Exploring Life. Read the article here
  13. My Second Life Starting at 50
  14. Re-strategizing the Beginnersí Running Program & KLIM
  15. Wan's Brooks Pacesetters Bonding Run at Sabak Bernam experience. Read it here.
  16. adidas King Of The Road Race Report
  17. Of Foreign Runners & Jaguh Kampung
  18. Of Getting Old and Managing Injuries
  19. Boutique Events & Event Managers
  20. Chin Woo Biathlon 2007
  21. Running Into Your Senior Years
  22. Of Governance, Transparency, Succession Planning & Tribute to the Outgoing President and his team
  23. Laguna Phuket International Marathon – the Paradise Run
  24. Recession, Inflation & Running to Survive
  25. Of Lavish Football Clubs, Financial Crisis, War Chest and Running Club’s Strategies
  26. Bidor Half Marathon 2008
  27. Of German Visitor and KRI 12.8KM 2008
  28. Borneo Marathon
  29. Marathon Tussle
  30. Going back to School – OCM Advance Sports Management Course
  31. Organization Structure
  32. Managing Human Resources
  33. Managing Finance
  34. Organizing a Major Sporting Event
  35. The Strategic Direction of Malaysian Sports - Clubs as the solid foundation
  36. Farewell to our Friend, Ngae Koh Hieng
  37. Genghis Khan Grassland Extreme Marathon 2011
  38. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 Drink Stations - Behind The Scenes

  1. How To Prepare Yourself Before A Marathon
  2. Muscle Cramps
  3. Heel Pain in a Runner
  4. Is Running Bad For The Knee?

  1. Running Resolutions
  2. Safety On The Run
  3. As Priorities Change, The Perspective Changes
  4. PJ Half Marathon 2006
  5. Benefits of Hillwork
  6. Penang Bridge Run 2006
  7. The Penang International 12-Hour Walk 2006 Report
  8. 2006 In Review
  9. Motivation
  10. Up Close With The Nike+iPod (an exclusive!)
  11. Penang Bridge Marathon 2007 Race Report
  12. Shah Alam 10K 2007 Race Report
  13. Mizuno Wave Run 2007 Race Report
  14. PACM Kuantan TC Run 2007 - a different kind of race report
  15. Penang International 12-Hour Walk 2007
  16. GE Pacesetters 30K 2008 Race Report
  17. Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2008 Race Report
  18. BHP Orange Run Report
  19. Putrajaya Midnight 30
  20. NB PACM 15K Race Report
  21. RMAF Half Marathon Race Report
  22. adidas Sundown Marathon Race Report
  23. Gear Care - pickup some tips on caring for your shoes and apparels
  24. The Nike+ SportBand Review. Download and read the full review here
  25. Exclusive preview of the Nike LunaRacer+ and Lunar Trainer+ Launch
  26. Nike+ Human Race 10K Singapore Race Report
  27. Nike Lunaracer+ Review
  28. 2008 ING New York City Marathon Race Experience
  29. 1st Putrajaya 12-Hour Walk Race Report
  30. Malakoff Pacesetters 12K Race Report
  31. The New York City Marathon Experience
  32. First Look: The adidas miCoach Pacer
  33. Running In The Shadows Of The Towers
  34. adidas miCoach Pacer Press Launch
  35. Boom?

  1. How It All Began by C. Choi
  2. Come Jog With Me article by The Star featuring the Malaysia Health Minister, Dr Chua Soi Lek
  3. What 10 Months Can Do by D. Kumaran
  4. It's About The Soul by Cheong SH
  5. For The Mind, Body and Soul by Newton Yap
  6. Metamorphosis An interview with Powerbar sponsored triathlete Hairul Azwar Hashim
  7. Breathe Easy by Kenny Tan
  8. My First Experience As A True Beginner Runner by Chong Ting Chow
  9. How I Began Jogging by Peter Kuan
  10. If I Could Turn The Clock Back by Dr. Goh Kong Chuan
  11. World Class Competition At 65 by Dr. Goh Kong Chuan
  12. The Old Runner by Dr. Goh Kong Chuan
  13. Marathon Des Sables Ultramarathon Report by Ngae Koh Hieng
  14. Transformation by Kim Teh
  15. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Son by Geoff Marchant
  16. My 1st 10 Km Run At The Age Of 51 Years by Chong Ting Chow
  17. Mizuno Wave 10K 2007 Report by Chine Wai Tong
  18. Supra Ventricular Tachycardia, Ever heard of such a thing? by Siew Chee Meng
  19. A Survivor's Story by Frank Chong
  20. Running Away ……from a sedentary lifestyle by Loke Shu Sun
  21. Running in KL – A Great Experience by Charlotte Dieter-Ridder
  22. Of Managing the Back Injury, My 2nd 10K Run and Back To Active Running by Chong Ting Chow
  23. Jason Thiang's Great Ironman Langkawi Adventure
  24. Running from sundown to sunrise, an 84KM adventure at the Sundown Marathon 2009 by Frank Chong
  25. Pumped Up by Joline Tang
  26. The Beginning of A Wonderful Thing by Ooi Wei-Min
  27. Barefoot Running, Naturally by Ngae Koh Hieng
  28. Malakoff Penang 26K Run 2010 by Ooi Wei Min
  29. Once Upon A Time by Chris Tan
  30. My First Night Marathon by Ooi Wei Min
  31. Running Therapy by Joline Tang Imm Lee
  1. RRCA's Tips On Hot Weather Running by Ayne Furman, DPM and Cathy Fieseler, MD
  2. On Running Better -- or -- The Better Runner by Jerry Bloom
  1. 10 Reasons To Walk. Click to read
  2. Walking Guide (Published by the BlueCross BlueShield Association). Click to read

For links related to walking, please go to the Links page

  1. Overweight And Obesity Threatens U.S. Health Gains (article released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Click to read
  2. Charting A Healthy Course - A Consumer's Guide To Good Nutrition (article released by the American Council For Fitness & Nutrition). Click to read



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