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For The Mind, Heart and Soul by Newton Yap

I have always enjoyed sports. It doesn't matter if it's badminton, squash, anything. I believe there is no short cut in exercising and staying healthy. Exercise is compulsory. I love badminton. Been playing it since I was a kid. Never stopped until 2 years ago. It had become cumbersome. Not only it takes about an hour to reach the courts, I often had to wait for another 3 players to arrive. You see, I need to get home early now that I have 2 sons.

That soon signalled the 'death' of my badminton days and the 'birth' of running. I was 39 then. I needed an exercise to sweat it out, something I could do alone if I wanted, something near to the office to avoid traffic jams and time wasted on commuting. Running was the perfect replacement and tonic.

And coincidently at that time, my lunch buddy and good friend, have just completed yet another marathon. He was talking running like Bubba in "Forrest Gump" was talking about shrimp. That is how passionate and excited he feels about running. And it was all I needed to reassure me of my decision to start running again. It's been 2 years and 4 months now and I've had no regrets. I have achieved more than just trying to stay healthy.

Running is intoxicating in a good way unlike alcohol or cigarettes addiction. When the endorphins courses through my veins, I get "high" but without the hangover. Running calms and cleanses what even the best drug or sedative and soaps cannot get at - the mind, heart and soul. Satisfaction guaranteed almost everytime I do it. Running keeps me sane in this insane world. Running makes me want to be a better person. Running is living.

Newton at one of
the races




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