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My 1st 10 Km Run At The Age Of 51 Years by Chong Ting Chow

The Mizuno wave run was the 1st 10K run that I have participated. The qualifying time of 1 hr 50 min for the Senior Veteran Category was perfect timing for me. This is the event that I wanted to be in, I knew the organizer will wait for a beginner like me to finish.

As I am not an elite runner, infact a real penguin runner, I started at the rear of the starting line together with Peter Kuan, Rizal and some of the runnersmalaysia's beginners group members. As the route was new to me, Peter was kind enough to pace me from the beginning all the way after the Bank Negara stretch after which I urged him to run ahead.

Despite having sprained my muscles at the hip joint, I run consistently non stop through out the entire route even though there were many hilly stretches. I have a good run and a very satisfying one too.

Chong and Peter Kuan before the race

Din, Rizal and Chong with some pre-race posing

I finished in 1 hr 25 min better than what I have expected and collected my 1st finishing medal. The worry that I may be the last runner to come back proof unfounded.

It's funny that after the run I did not feel very tired at all. Instead, there was a sense of achievement hanging over my head for the rest of the Sunday - very good brain food indeed.

As more of the photos that I have taken with my running mates from the beginners group came in via the e-mail over the next 2 days, it rekindles all the sweet memories that were captured to add more meaning to my life and re-enforce my passion for running.

Chong looking good nearing the finish line

When I started running under the beginners program way back in May, 2006, my aim then was to be able to pace my son in the annual Pacesetters Bonding Breakfast Run which both of us enjoyed participating. Today, as I clock in more running hours, I have graduated to running road events. Mizuno was my 2nd event, the 1st being the Adidas King of the Road 7K.

While Yew Leong (Wan) wrote in his 2nd life article that I have continued to stand by the program for runnersmalaysia, I must say that I ended up benefiting the most from the program and found more meaning in running. Besides having better fitness and health, my son and I have taken part in many more fun runs and now every normal Sunday is our Breakfast Bonding run at Lake Garden.

Chong Ting Chow
17 September 2007


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