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Mizuno Wave 10K 2007 Report by Chine Wai Tong

The usual getting out of the bed early in the morning on a Sunday morning for a run!! Heck a lot of working class people want to sleep in after a week of getting up early to rush to office. Have a quick breakfast, remind Ivy to drink more water.

Flaw on my side, timing is never been my strong point. Reach Bukit Aman at around 7am, couldn't get a parking spot there. Got the go over to Lake Club parking one that has the children playground. They really should name all the parking. So we missed the morning photo taking. Its Ivy first run since she started running with Beginners' Running Program in May.

Walked over the Padang Merbok and take that as our warm up before the race. As we are walking Ivy still complain on lack of confident to finish the race. She mentions that after this she will not want to run again. Again, people keep saying that the double hill will kill a lot of runners, this really enforce the fear she had.

I can't recall where I have read this article that the fear for a person that join a run for the first time will be finishing last. Yeah that spot will always be there and someone has to take that spot, but the important thing is you tried and complete. This is to those people out there that keep saying, I will have to improve my condition first before I join a race or I need more practice before I sign up. Just sign and get your t-shirt. When you are there; will you just hang around the merchant tent when others are reporting for the run? Will you turn and walk back to your parking lot, when the rest of 1,999 people are running the other direction when they flag off the run?

We are at the starting line; meet up with some other RunnersMalaysia Beginners' Running Program mates. Have a light chat and encouragements to each other. Clear sky, going to have to finish the run early for my fear of the sunlight. One very un-Malaysian about the organiser, race was flagged off at 7.30am sharp. Took a few photos of Ivy as this is her very first run not to mention a 10km one. I guess it's the figure of the distant that scare a lot of people.

First hill or slope, Bank Negara KTM station. Start to think, my god, I am not into my first 1km how am I to cover the other 9km? This is the most difficult stage of the run, we are trying to crank start our body for the run (sorry for beginner runner, not the season runner, as their body is always ready for any run), our mind already suffer a setback of thinking the other 9kms ahead. Did I mention about hills and slopes? I can see that Ivy is more relax this run, pace herself better this time compare to the Kiwinis fun run.

After another km and Ivy need to take her first walk break. I then continue my run, reach Prince of Brunei's abandoned project, know that I am 1/3 of the race. Still quite a flat road, starting to enjoy the run as my body is beginning to wake itself to the process of running. It's always fun to run on the road with another 1,999 people running with you and a lot safer too.

When we see the sign of another 1km to water station things start to light up for me. First it water and you know that you have complete half of the run. Got greedy and drank a bit too much of water, can feel the water in my stomach. And further down the road I can actually see the Duta bus station. Wow, we are there already. After this, it mostly hilly the rest of the way, keep my pace, just run with it, lost myself in my music and looking at other runner if not I will take sympathy on my legs that keep telling me to stop.

According to Ivy she found her rhythm, after her water station stop. That is where she comes up with Uncle Chooi, he is also running his first 10k. Its like the F1, they keep overtaking each other; one has to wait at the finishing line to see who come in first.

Another 2km or so reach Persiaran Tunku, familiar road, knows what to expect already. Saw Sonny at 7km or so, keep to his pace and still have light chat. Now only wanted to finish the run, at the last 1km Sonny encourage to me increase pace, finished at no 195 spot, took the goodies back and back track to look for Ivy.

Wow, she is already at her last km already. Took a few photo of her before and after the finish of the race. After the race, she is so eager to look forward for the next race, because she completed a run that she never thought she would. One will not know how far one can run until we are told to run. It's not what position she comes in but she make it, and the satisfaction on her face is telling us it meant that much to her.

Chine Wai Tong
17 September 2007


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