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Breathe Easy by Kenny Tan

I have been having asthma since young. Before the age of 12, I was a bit overwight because my parents didn't want me to run around too much. Everytime I sweat, they want me to wipe it off as soon as possible.

After the age of 12, I saw my friend who was running in the school sports and wanted to be as fast as him. I started to train. Slowly and surely, I became faster and my weight began to drop. I became very fit and won some medals.

This past 2 years, I have been getting some asthma attacks again. It doesn't stop me from running. I just use my inhaler if I feel I'm getting an attack or to use it before a race.

During the day, sometimes I feel a bit of contrictions in my chest area due to the asthma but based on my experience comparing with my younger years, I believe it is now more controlled, the reason is that as a runner, my heart rate is approximately 55 beats per minute and when the attack comes, its 65 beats per minute.

A normal non runner's heart beat is 65 beat per minute and when the asthma attack comes, it becomes 75 beats per minute. Therefore when the asthma attacks me, my heart rate will be just like a non-runner's NORMAL heart rate!!

Kenny coasting to another finish line.

In conclusion, I urge and encourage all asthmatics to take up running, build up your stamina and lower your heart rate so that when you get the attack it will be just like a non runner's NORMAL heart rate!!




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