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RESOURCE CENTRE > ARTICLES > 2006 In Review by Jamie Pang

2006 In Review

Sometimes to look forward, one has to look at the past. Right, that was a corny line to start with but it’s oftentimes true. My 2006 KL International Marathon results was the culmination of the hard work put in when preparing for the 2005 year-end Singapore Marathon. The KLIM was just one of this year’s highlights. The following were the others.


Marathon PR
Though I was confident of improving my marathon PR in the KLIM in March, I had no inkling of the margin of improvement to expect. 2005 had been a fantastic year in running for me. After some months of base training, I lowered my timings (3 times for the 10K) that year. It was an average race in Singapore where I registered 4:39. I was very happy nevertheless

since I’d managed to dip below 5 hours in Singapore. After a short break following the breakthrough, I resumed training for the KLIM 2006. That was a defining race for me.

When I crossed the finish line in KL early this year, I’d dropped my PR down to 4:26. It was a big achievement for me. I completed the distance without walking. I’m now laying off training for the full marathon until the 2nd Quarter of 2007, after which I’ll assault the timing again. I know that I’m capable of a 4:15 but that’ll mean some pretty serious base training and a structured strength and speed training in the forms of plyometrics, hill repeats and tempos. We’ll see how that goes because…see next point.

A New Member In The Family…
…which meant an extended break from running. While my wife and I didn’t plan to have another, we didn’t mind having another pair of feet pitter-pattering around the house. So it was in April that we learnt that we were going to be second time parents. Post-marathon fitness level? I think so! All the improved endurance and upped VO2 Max has to be channeled somewhere ;). Besides there are documented proof that running benefits sex.

Runners Malaysia
My partner, Wan Yew Leong, and I registered out partnership Outdoor Pursuits Services on Dec 12th 2005 and launched the RunnersMalaysia website on Mar 19th 2006. This was our way of giving back to society our passion for running. We’ve both served in the EXCO of arguably the largest running club in this region and we thought that we can further promote running to the beginners with the intention of encouraging these newcomers to the sport. Our hope was, and always is, that these folks will pick up this simple sport as a form of life-long healthy activity. When they see and experience the benefits reaped from running, we’re sure they will add on to our voice to spread the word.

To kick off our activities, we decided to start the Saturday Beginners Running Program and we’re glad to say that in a small way we’ve succeeded in “touching” a few persons lives. We look forward to many more of such success stories next year!

Exponential Increase In Workload
This year was the year when work nearly completely took over my waking hours. The amount and variety of work heaped on my team and I were tremendous. I was also very frustrated that I wasn’t able to run more than once a week. I was a bit distressed and all that stress was pent up and I wasn’t able to release it. Luckily I took a step back and thought about how I can see this situation. I can either approach this as an opportunity to learn and shine, and really contribute to the overall goals of the management or I can sulk all I want and be “punished” with a poor performance appraisal and the consequent meager salary increment. Not a good thing with the increased standard of living. The choice was obvious when things were put in their correct perspective. I’m glad that the hard work is seeing some dividends right now.

Just For The Experience (read: Pain), And The Heck Of It…
…I signed up for the Penang 12-Hour International Walk. Never a walker unless you count accompanying my family on our outings and the weekly grocery shopping or the daily walks out for lunch. Two things were going against me – the ability to walk competitively and maintaining the effort for 12 hours. It was always a mission impossible for me and as it turned out, I only managed slightly over 6 hours of walking covering a shade over 34K in distance. Even though I’d expected to suffer, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t at least cover the marathon distance of 42K.

All that pretty much wraps up the major happenings for me this year. The clan will be expecting our second kid in January and work will peak from the second quarter through to year-end. We will also be helping our elder kid ease into his first year in pre-school and with the additional head in the family, also be facing challenges in our finances. Ah…the reality of Life. In the midst of it all, I hope to be able to train well for 1 good half-marathon (realistically it won’t be a PR) and 1 great marathon PR (possibly Penang) with a few well-organized 10Ks thrown in as speed work sessions.

2007? Bring it on!


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