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Runners Malaysia is a partnership between 2 people, Wan Yew Leong and Jamie Pang with a strong passion for the sport of running and everything linked to it. With the Road Runners Club of America as benchmark and inspiration, and recognizing that there is a running community in the country without web presence, Runners Malaysia sets out to provide a "voice" for these group.

By having a basic website these groups, be they fledgling setups, informal running groups or established clubs and associations, a wider audience can be achieved to promote the sport. We want to make it easier for these entities to have up and running (pun intended!) a website that's purposeful and no frills. After all we acknowledge that running and not web design are our strengths.

A Little Bit About...

Wan Yew Leong

Wan is an accountant by training and currently with the risk management department of a local bank. He is married with 4 school going children. His focus in running is very much about keeping fit, managing traffic jam and balancing his life. He always look forward to participate in the holiday runs, both within and outside the country. Until recently Wan has been heavily involved in the Pacesetters Athletic Club Malaysia (PACM) in several capacities.

Jamie Pang
If Wan is the Money Man, Jamie is the IT Man. He's into his fourth renaissance as a runner. Jamie has run over 25 marathons including some World Marathon Majors like the 2008 ING New York City Marathon and Tokyo Marathon. His personal best timing of under 4 hours was recorded in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, and strongly believes that he'll reach his peak as a runner in his forties. Besides training and maintaining blogs about running, Jamie also does regular gear reviews for leading sporting brands. Jamie has also served in the PACM and was responsible for the revamp of their website. Jamie's personal blog is at jamiepang.com/blog.


Mission Statement
We inspire and encourage Malaysians to enjoy a healthier lifestyle via running. It is not a complicating mission statement but to get some tangible results in having younger Malaysians taking up running as their regular exercise program, we would need support from others, fellow members of PACM, sponsors, the media and of course young Malaysians who wish to run but need some encouragements. We target to start working on our plans with setting the website as the first milestone.

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